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  • DAY 027 – MoSpline Mandala

    DAY 027 – MoSpline Mandala

    On my 1 week anniversary of my discovery of Cinema 4D, I decided to work with the MoSpline in Cinema 4D (C4D) to see what I could come up with.  The result is this strangely complex image that’s actually a very tall 3D MoSpline structure inside of Cinema 4D.  Although it’s nearly impossible to tell, all I’m doing is moving the camera up and down the structure center, and it made this image. I’m excited at the possibility and plan […]

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  • DAY 026 – Simple UFO Model

    DAY 026 – Simple UFO Model

    Today was my first shot at modeling something simple.  One of my favorite subjects; UFO’s seemed like a good place to start.  I also wanted to see if I could add lights to it, and once again, Cinema 4D makes it easier than I ever imagined possible.  This piece of software might seem overwhelmingly daunting at first, but less than a week in and I’ve been able to make some basic projects happen much to my surprise. As usual, this […]

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  • DAY 025 – Cube Shatter Reveal

    DAY 025 – Cube Shatter Reveal

    On DAY 005 of my Cinema 4D training, and DAY 025 overall, this “DAY 025 – Cube Shatter Reveal” is the result.  It worked with the Shatter Effector and little more.  This is another project I will post both the tutorial as well as the project file.

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  • DAY 024 – Simple Cloner Box

    DAY 024 – Simple Cloner Box

    This is DAY 003 of my intensive Cinema 4D training, and today, I learned about Cloner Objects as well as simple camera movements.  There will be a tutorial here as well as the project files for this simple project.

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  • DAY 023 – Wall of Rubble

    DAY 023 – Wall of Rubble

    Today is DAY 002 of my Cinema 4D training, and today I discovered Thrausi Fracture.  I know there a lot of fracture plugins out there, but the Thrausi Plugin, for me, not only was the most user-friendly, but the support for a free plugin is stellar.  Soon, I’ll have a tutorial on this simple wall posted, along with the project files.

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  • DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story

    DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story

    Today is DAY 022 of my intensive motion graphics training, and “DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story” is the result.  It uses stock images and textures, and even making something like this happen on my first day is more than I expected.  Soon, I will post the project files as well as a tutorial, minus all my errors, in order to help you, newbie-hacker like myself, along your path of motion graphics wonderment.

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