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  • DAY 004 – Camera Mapper 2D to 3D

    DAY 004 – Camera Mapper 2D to 3D

    This is where the “DAY 004 – Camera Mapper 2D to 3D” tutorial will be in vivid detail…

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  • DAY 003 – 2D Stills to 3D

    DAY 003 – 2D Stills to 3D

    This is where “Day 003 – 2D Stills to 3D” Tutorial will go.  At the moment, it’s just some dummy text, although this was me standing on a table in my backyard.  I learned very quickly that some things need to be done in Photoshop before ever getting anywhere near After Effects.  I also learned how critical 72dpi resolution is for anything related to screen displays of images.  I’m so used to working in print media where I’m always going […]

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  • DAY 002 – Futuristic HUD

    DAY 002 – Futuristic HUD

    This will be where the “DAY 002 – Futuristic HUD” free tutorial will be.  It’s taken from Video Copilot, but I started it from scratch and will present my simplified version here.

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  • DAY 001 – Swirly Clouds

    DAY 001 – Swirly Clouds

    DAY 001 – Swirly Clouds from Keith Cleversley on Vimeo. This is a placeholder for my tutorial on “DAY 001: Swirly Clouds” at the moment.  I’m determined to post 100 projects in 100 days on Vimeo, documenting my very first day of learning motion graphics to day 100.  It’s taking up WAY more of my life than I ever imagined, so I decided that I’ll have to post my “100 Projects in 100 Days” there first, and then post “100 […]

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