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I’m not that difficult to find. Whether I’m tending my shops found in the links at the bottom of the page, out flying somewhere between Southern California and Burning Man, studying Shamanism, working towards my documentary on Shamanism, or posting about Shamanism or fallacies of religion on my Keith Cleversley and His Pea Brain blog, the best way to find me is to send an email to keithpublic at me dot com.

Life is so short, and I try to live as loudly but as respectfully as I can.  Motion graphics feeds me in a very similar way that music has (see Playground Studio for more on that career), and I dream of making my documentary a reality.  This site is helping me to stay on this path.

Anyway, use the simple contact form below if you wish as well:

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    My Other Lives

    My world is wide and varied, and this is just one of many amazing things I've had the privilege of experiencing. My internet shops are at the core what allows me to experience more than I thought possible:
    IAmShaman Shop
    Kona Kava Farm
    Playground Studio
    Shaman's Garden

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