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  • DAY 024 – Simple Cloner Box

    DAY 024 – Simple Cloner Box

    This is DAY 003 of my intensive Cinema 4D training, and today, I learned about Cloner Objects as well as simple camera movements.  There will be a tutorial here as well as the project files for this simple project.

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  • DAY 023 – Wall of Rubble

    DAY 023 – Wall of Rubble

    Today is DAY 002 of my Cinema 4D training, and today I discovered Thrausi Fracture.  I know there a lot of fracture plugins out there, but the Thrausi Plugin, for me, not only was the most user-friendly, but the support for a free plugin is stellar.  Soon, I’ll have a tutorial on this simple wall posted, along with the project files.

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  • DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story

    DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story

    Today is DAY 022 of my intensive motion graphics training, and “DAY 022 – Cinema 4D Love Story” is the result.  It uses stock images and textures, and even making something like this happen on my first day is more than I expected.  Soon, I will post the project files as well as a tutorial, minus all my errors, in order to help you, newbie-hacker like myself, along your path of motion graphics wonderment.

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  • DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect

    DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect

    This is the continuation of DAY 019 and DAY 020’s efforts.  I still don’t have “DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect” where I want it, but for my 3 week anniversary of motion graphics training, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Tutorial to follow once I reach DAY 100 on Vimeo.

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  • DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    The “DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect” is something I’ve always wondered how to do.  Although this Day 020 effort isn’t anything to write home about, I do have a much greater understanding of what goes into this effect.  When I’ve got the time to do it, I will post an extensive tutorial on this effect, saving you the many grueling hours of experimenting and failure to get this to the point it’s presently at.

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  • DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    Today’s effort was more work with Adobe Illustrator files in After Effects.  I simply took the cliche 2D image of a bird silhouette and animated the wings in After Effects.  If it weren’t for the zillion or so tutorials on this, I never would have been able to make it happen, but, my research is your tutorial.  “DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation” is the result and the tutorial will be posted here soon.

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  • DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D

    DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D

    This will be a tutorial on converting 2D images to 3D images in After Effects.  Today’s project is called “DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D”.  It’s an extreme example of taking a 2D image and converting it to 3D, but it helped give me a sense of what was possible.

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  • DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance

    DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance

    After spending so many straight hours inhaling After Effects, I decided I needed a break.  Today’s effort, called “DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance” is the result of that effort.  I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish these past 17 days, but for me, it’s more a testament to the power of this software and available plugins than it is to my skill.

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  • DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro

    DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro

    This is meant to be a spoof of Snake Worshippers in the name of Jesus.  It’s called “DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro” and it was inspired by a tutorial from Harry Frank that focused on using Expressions in After Effects.  I’ll include the expressions here, of course.

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  • 5 Expressions That Will Change Your Life

    While searching for these, I found so many dead links, and decided to add a “live” link that would always be available.  I found this on a post by a user named “Beaver” in a MoGraph Forum.  These expressions have already been indispensable for a newbie-hacker such as myself, and now I feel as though I see these expressions everywhere in motion graphics sequences. And this was at the end of the post: “A shoutout to the brilliant folks at […]

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