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  • DAY 038 – Many Faces of Morph

    DAY 038 – Many Faces of Morph

    This is one directly related to my documentary on Shamanism, and it’s an abbreviated version of a much longer sequence.  The idea is there as well as some of the key images.  Although it looks like there’s a lot of effort involved, I actually did little masking work, and instead let a plugin from Boris FX called, quite simply; “Morph.” The tutorial should be helpful either way, whenever I get around to posting it, that is.

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  • DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2

    DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2

    “DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2” was my 2nd attempt at making fire in After Effects.  Thanks to a plugin called “BCC Fire” by BorisFX, I was able to make a much more believable version happen.  Tutorial to follow sometime in the future. PROJECT GOALS: To continue working with Trapcode Stroke and trying to come up with more believable fire in After Effects.

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