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  • DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing

    DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing

    Day 040’s effort was back to After Effects to see what kind of 3D space I could create, in an effort to continue working towards the visuals that represent some of what might be experienced in a Shamanic vision.  My “DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing” is the first result of that effort, and I’m sure many more are to come. This one will have project files as well as a tutorial.

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  • DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    This is where “DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform” will be.  It was an exercise in After Effects involving more advanced techniques with Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular from Red Giant Software.  Many more details to follow, as well as the project files.

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  • DAY 037 – The Nick Stripes

    DAY 037 – The Nick Stripes

    Thanks to GrayScaleGorilla for this simple, but awesome idea.  This is my take on what’s everywhere on the web now, called everything from “The Three Stripes” to “Racing Stripes” and a zillion other names.  In honor of the guy who first thought of it, I’ve decided to call this “DAY 037 – The Nick Stripes.” Full tutorial and project files to follow, although Nick’s got a great tutorial that’s better than mine on his site.

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  • DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt

    DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt

    Trying to alleviate the daily grind and intensity of working to cram as much into my pea brain as possible, I worked from one of those elusive thousands of tutorials I’ve seen along the way, and created a project, from scratch, using Expressions in After Effects as well as Trapcode Particular.  My “DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt” is the result. And, as I posted on Vimeo, today’s effort is a personal piece:  It’s a comment on a largely unrequited […]

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  • DAY 034 – Turbulence Fluid Dynamics

    DAY 034 – Turbulence Fluid Dynamics

    Today’s project was all about an amazing plugin for C4D called “Turbulence Fluid Dynamics.”  Now, although the name implies fluid simulations, it actually only does smoke simulations.  I’ll have an extensive tutorial on this one sometime in the future, as well as my lame attempt at making dynamics happen via keyframes instead of by using the built-in Dynamics Engine inside of Cinema 4D.

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  • DAY 031 – Convert 2D to 3D Fail

    DAY 031 – Convert 2D to 3D Fail

    In today’s effort, I went back to After Effects.  I wanted to work more on this converting of 2D images to 3D.  After many tedious and grueling hours later, it’s somewhat of a failure. The idea is there but it’s not nearly as interesting or dynamic as I had hoped.  Also, dissecting famous, public domain paintings wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I’ll have a tutorial on this up sometime in the near-future.  I hope to vastly […]

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  • 5 Expressions That Will Change Your Life

    While searching for these, I found so many dead links, and decided to add a “live” link that would always be available.  I found this on a post by a user named “Beaver” in a MoGraph Forum.  These expressions have already been indispensable for a newbie-hacker such as myself, and now I feel as though I see these expressions everywhere in motion graphics sequences. And this was at the end of the post: “A shoutout to the brilliant folks at […]

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