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  • DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    The “DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect” is something I’ve always wondered how to do.  Although this Day 020 effort isn’t anything to write home about, I do have a much greater understanding of what goes into this effect.  When I’ve got the time to do it, I will post an extensive tutorial on this effect, saving you the many grueling hours of experimenting and failure to get this to the point it’s presently at.

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  • DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    Today’s effort was more work with Adobe Illustrator files in After Effects.  I simply took the cliche 2D image of a bird silhouette and animated the wings in After Effects.  If it weren’t for the zillion or so tutorials on this, I never would have been able to make it happen, but, my research is your tutorial.  “DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation” is the result and the tutorial will be posted here soon.

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  • DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D

    DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D

    This will be a tutorial on converting 2D images to 3D images in After Effects.  Today’s project is called “DAY 018 – Jacob’s Ladder 2D to 3D”.  It’s an extreme example of taking a 2D image and converting it to 3D, but it helped give me a sense of what was possible.

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  • DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance

    DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance

    After spending so many straight hours inhaling After Effects, I decided I needed a break.  Today’s effort, called “DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance” is the result of that effort.  I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish these past 17 days, but for me, it’s more a testament to the power of this software and available plugins than it is to my skill.

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  • DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro

    DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro

    This is meant to be a spoof of Snake Worshippers in the name of Jesus.  It’s called “DAY 016 – Scary Wiggle Show Intro” and it was inspired by a tutorial from Harry Frank that focused on using Expressions in After Effects.  I’ll include the expressions here, of course.

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  • DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro

    DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro

    This is one that I’m proud of.  It’s “DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro” and uses Trapcode Form for the effect.  This will be quite an in-depth tutorial on the inner workings of Trapcode Form that 36 straight hours of tweaking and playing taught me.  It’s all about the Grayscale.

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  • DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2

    DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2

    “DAY 014 – Text+Ink+Fire v2” was my 2nd attempt at making fire in After Effects.  Thanks to a plugin called “BCC Fire” by BorisFX, I was able to make a much more believable version happen.  Tutorial to follow sometime in the future. PROJECT GOALS: To continue working with Trapcode Stroke and trying to come up with more believable fire in After Effects.

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  • DAY 013 – Text+Ink+Fire Fail

    DAY 013 – Text+Ink+Fire Fail

    This is where I’ll post my first attempt at creating fire in After Effects.  It’s aptly named “DAY 013 – Text+Ink+Fire Fail” because I think it’s some of the least convincing fire I’ve ever seen.  But, this is only my 13th day of motion graphics training, so I suppose I should be pleased with my progress instead.

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  • DAY 012 – Trapcode Sand v2

    DAY 012 – Trapcode Sand v2

    This is where the Trapcode Form tutorial called “DAY 012 – Trapcode Sand v2” will be.

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  • DAY 011 – Text to Sand Dissolve v1

    DAY 011 – Text to Sand Dissolve v1

    The tutorial called “DAY 011 – Text to Sand Dissolve v1” is my first attempt at making something, anything dissolve into sand within After Effects.  My minimal success has everything to do with Red Giant’s Trapcode Form and little to do with my own skills.

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