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  • DAY 042 – 100,000 MoGraph Marbles

    DAY 042 – 100,000 MoGraph Marbles

    Today’s effort was largely a repeat of yesterday’s efforts, but with the addition of 75,000 more marbles.  Well, they also turned green as well.  And really, the lesson I learned most from this exercise wasn’t the limit of my computer (this render only took 1:42:00), it was colors. Blue takes a lot more light energy to light up, whereas green is inherently far brighter.  Even in this scene, after doing a straight color conversion from blue to green, the greens […]

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  • DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing

    DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing

    Day 040’s effort was back to After Effects to see what kind of 3D space I could create, in an effort to continue working towards the visuals that represent some of what might be experienced in a Shamanic vision.  My “DAY 040 – Spiro Space Thing” is the first result of that effort, and I’m sure many more are to come. This one will have project files as well as a tutorial.

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  • DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    This is where “DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform” will be.  It was an exercise in After Effects involving more advanced techniques with Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular from Red Giant Software.  Many more details to follow, as well as the project files.

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  • DAY 038 – Many Faces of Morph

    DAY 038 – Many Faces of Morph

    This is one directly related to my documentary on Shamanism, and it’s an abbreviated version of a much longer sequence.  The idea is there as well as some of the key images.  Although it looks like there’s a lot of effort involved, I actually did little masking work, and instead let a plugin from Boris FX called, quite simply; “Morph.” The tutorial should be helpful either way, whenever I get around to posting it, that is.

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  • DAY 027 – MoSpline Mandala

    DAY 027 – MoSpline Mandala

    On my 1 week anniversary of my discovery of Cinema 4D, I decided to work with the MoSpline in Cinema 4D (C4D) to see what I could come up with.  The result is this strangely complex image that’s actually a very tall 3D MoSpline structure inside of Cinema 4D.  Although it’s nearly impossible to tell, all I’m doing is moving the camera up and down the structure center, and it made this image. I’m excited at the possibility and plan […]

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  • DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro

    DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro

    This is one that I’m proud of.  It’s “DAY 015 – Text Fabric Intro” and uses Trapcode Form for the effect.  This will be quite an in-depth tutorial on the inner workings of Trapcode Form that 36 straight hours of tweaking and playing taught me.  It’s all about the Grayscale.

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