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  • DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform

    This is where “DAY 039 – Fire + Mask Transform” will be.  It was an exercise in After Effects involving more advanced techniques with Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular from Red Giant Software.  Many more details to follow, as well as the project files.

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  • DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt

    DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt

    Trying to alleviate the daily grind and intensity of working to cram as much into my pea brain as possible, I worked from one of those elusive thousands of tutorials I’ve seen along the way, and created a project, from scratch, using Expressions in After Effects as well as Trapcode Particular.  My “DAY 036 – Artaud Poem Excerpt” is the result. And, as I posted on Vimeo, today’s effort is a personal piece:  It’s a comment on a largely unrequited […]

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  • DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect

    DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect

    This is the continuation of DAY 019 and DAY 020’s efforts.  I still don’t have “DAY 021 – Human to Bird Dissolve Effect” where I want it, but for my 3 week anniversary of motion graphics training, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Tutorial to follow once I reach DAY 100 on Vimeo.

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  • DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect

    The “DAY 020 – Human Dissolve Effect” is something I’ve always wondered how to do.  Although this Day 020 effort isn’t anything to write home about, I do have a much greater understanding of what goes into this effect.  When I’ve got the time to do it, I will post an extensive tutorial on this effect, saving you the many grueling hours of experimenting and failure to get this to the point it’s presently at.

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  • DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation

    Today’s effort was more work with Adobe Illustrator files in After Effects.  I simply took the cliche 2D image of a bird silhouette and animated the wings in After Effects.  If it weren’t for the zillion or so tutorials on this, I never would have been able to make it happen, but, my research is your tutorial.  “DAY 019 – After Effects Bird Animation” is the result and the tutorial will be posted here soon.

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